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Understanding Cinema



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Ulva Ferry Local Development Office

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The Lorimer Delusion


Fairy Play

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Giants In The Forest





Cloud Man


Community Development

Gaelic Film Project

Conflux:  Tréteau Master Class


Argyll & Bute Gaelic Schools
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Cloud Man

Neutral Mask Workshop


Amid The Blaze of Noon




Cloud Man

Theatre Books For The Curious

Ulva Ferry Primary Victorian Day

Cinderella, Platform Nov/Dec 2009

Cinderella, Platform Nov/Dec 2009

Island Nights Entertainments poster

Island Nights Entertainments poster
Summer 2009

Alasdair & Terry One Man Rant, Hong Kong Microfest 2009

Alasdair & Terry
One Man Rant, Hong Kong Microfest 2009

Latest News                 last update: 15-08-18

  New Website Coming Soon

Please excuse how vastly outdated this site is. 

It's been well over a year since last I updated my website. 

I've been using a very old piece of software to make my site over the last years on an old machine and it's become rather difficult to use.  So I'm going to go for a web based site editor. 

I've been up to all sorts of interesting things over the last while, including documenting the Isle of Ulva's quest for self determination, making films for visit Mull and Iona, teaching filmmaking in Gaelic at the Tiree Feis, working with Campeltown Picture House to deliver their community outreach projects and many other projects and schemes, too. 

Forthcoming projects include:  Ulva - a documentary; Spindleshanks - a novel for children; Podcasts about life here on Mull; Rural Affairs - a radio series about community land ownership. 

I look forward to welcoming you to my new website in the coming weeks.  Until then, see you around and about, and if there's anything I can do for you, just drop me a line by email or social media.



Argyll Youth Arts

From January 2016 I've been working with Argyll Youth Arts as their Youth Arts - Film Practitioner.

AYA is a youth hub funded by Creative Scotland's Time to Shine initiative.

It's been an incredible journey, and I've loved working with our young people, developing their own filmmaking language.

We've had all sorts of adventures and schemes, some of which you can find in the video below. 
A particular highlight for me was our involvement with Dunoon Film Festival, where the work of our participants was shared with festival goers, while we also ran a Film and Media Careers event at Dunoon Grammar School.

The project's Youtube Channel can be found here.

Here's a short film about the work of Argyll Youth Arts.

Argyll Youth Arts from Youth Arts Film on Vimeo.


Into Film - CPD / Filmmaking & Gaelic

For the last couple of years I've been very lucky to have had the chance to work with Into Film

I've worked on lots of projects with them, from teacher training around Argyll, to adapting resources in to Gaelic (with the verification of the remarkable Kirsty Blackhall), to delivering sessions in Gaelic at conferences. 

Into Film are  a very adaptable company.  What I like about them is their vast amount of resources, but more so their ability to adapt to requests from community groups.  If you're working with young people from 5 - 19 years of age and want to do something different and exciting with film, do talk to them to see what they can do for you.  They have regional offices in each of the nation states of the UK.  Their staff are brilliant and will do anything they can to help you.  Give them a shout and see what crazy adventures you can create together!


  Scottish Film Education

I've been working with Scottish Film Education as one of their Lead Practitioners delivering film training to teachers across Argyll & Bute.  My groups are in Tobermory and Dunoon.

I also developed a collection of film making videos for their Languages on Screen resources, which you can explore on the link above.


Cinema Cent Ans De Jeunesse

Over the last few months I've been translating the Cinematheque Francaise's Cinema Cent Ans De Jeunesse in to English. 

The site opens up the work of the project that underlies Understanding Cinema, providing resources and training materials for anyone interested in Cinema, education and the development of filmmaking skills. 
The translations were funded by Scottish Film Education, to whom I am very thankful.    


Book Week Scotland  - Bookbug

For the third year in a row I'm doing a spot of story telling for Argyll Early Year's team's Bookbug Extravaganza as part of Book Week Scotland.

The last two year's stories concerned the adventures of a pirate named Seamus.  This year's tale concerns a deep set love of chips and an adventure to the lost land of Lemuria...



Cloudman continues to tour around the world.
I'm so pleased with all that it's managed to do over the years. 

It's now in to its sixth year and doesn't seem to show any sign of stopping.

I don't know if it's likely to come home to Scotland any time soon, but it will be returning for its 5th trip to China next year. 


 The Wonderful World of Lapin

In 2015 Tania Czajka, a French friend, invited me to join a project she was pulling together to develop a full production of her French language learning work with her company Le Petit Monde

With the help of a development grant and then full funding from Creative Scotland we worked together over the course of the following year to develop her ideas in to a show called The Wonderful World of Lapin.   


 I'm delighted with The Wonderful World of Lapin.  It's a joyous piece of work that Tania relishes sharing with audiences. 

Working once more with Nik, Niroshni & Ailie from the Cloudman team on sound, music and puppetry was a pleasure, and it was great to finally work with Iain Halkitt as a designer on a show that I'd directed - that was a bit of an ambition come true.   Likewise working with George Tarbuck on lighting, who I've known since I was a teenager, was an honour.

The show is an ongoing tour, having recently sold out in the Cockpit Theatre in London. 
If you're interested in the show, do talk to Tania through her website, she'd love to hear from you.  


Understanding Cinema from 2014 - 2016

The themes of the last few year's Understanding Cinema projects have been very interesting indeed. 

In 2014-15 we looked at Distance in cinema, and how that the film maker can use it in their work.  What does the distance between the camera and the actor, the actor and another actor allow an audience to feel?  What happens if something gets in the way between a camera and its subject?

Distance ran in a reduced form, and I ran a google hangout for the course in this year for the BFI and the Centre for the Moving Image.  If you root around online you'll find our hangout sessions, which have a lot of interesting content and discussion.  Please excuse the backgrounds in the shots with me in them, we were building a house at the time and everything we had was strewn every where! 

In 2015-16 we looked at Climate and Weather in cinema. 
How does climate affect what an audience sees on screen? 
How does a filmmaker use elements of weather to tell their stories?
What role does the notion of shelter play in film.

This topic was slightly more diffuse than the previous topics, so it was very interesting to see how it panned out.  The space for interpretation that the theme proposed allowed some of the best films I've seen from the project across the world to emerge.  There was one piece from Portugal that totally blew me away.  It was clearly the work of young filmmakers, and young filmmakers working in a clearly defined form of expression that was both their own and within the style of the other films from their nation that I'd seen before.  It was utterly fascinating, a very poetic meditation on place, location and relationships. 

This year's topic (2016-17) is Play. 
How is play used in Cinema?  What different kinds of play are there and how can you use them to build your filmmaking language. 

Currently underway, this year's topic is very exciting indeed.  One of the challenges with it is to allow young people to explore their own notions of play.  Rather than giving received adult notions of play, fitting their work in to the concepts of an adult world, we're looking to find their organic expressions of play and build from there. 
I'm very much looking forward to seeing how the work grows and develops this year.   


If you've made it this far on the webpage you'll notice that the following post comes from 2014.  I've been too busy to keep my site up to date for the last years, I'm very sorry to say.  The technology I use to update my site has moved on rapidly and so I'll be looking to refurbish it in the coming months. 


Understanding Cinema: 06-05-14

I've spent the majority of this year working on co-ordinating and delivering the Understanding Cinema project for the Centre For The Moving Image, Edinburgh.

The Understanding Cinema project places 9 tutors in 24 schools and youth groups across the country, from the Isle of Lewis through to East Lothian and all corners in between. 
Here on Mull I've been working on delivering the project with Salen Gaelic Medium unit through Gaelic itself.

Our tutors are all highly skilled film makers with their own, considerable careers. 

Over the course of the year we've worked our way through a series of exercises as proscribed from the Cinémathèque Française's Cinéma's Cent Ans De Jeunesse project. 

You can find our project blog here, which details our work as it progresses.  There's a fascinating series of posts on there, ranging from pieces by participants themselves through to theoretical musings by the practitioners.  Needless to say there are lots of videos showing the work across the country.

In June we will be taking a group from Broughton High to the Cinémathèque Française to show their work amongst other groups from across the world.

Later in June we will be having a screening of all the Scottish work on the project at the Edinburgh International Film Festival.  The schools showings are private, but there is a public screening on Sunday the 22nd of June at Filmhouse.

Cloud Man - Shanghai

I'll be accompanying Cloud Man later this month, May, as we tour out to play in Whuzhen, Shanghai.  A further, more extensive tour of China is scheduled for November - December.


Oyster Film

I'm currently preparing a short documentary about the work of our local oyster farm, Isle of Mull Oysters.  Over the last few weeks I've been interviewing Gordon and Nick Turnbull about their work, and venturing out to film them in action.  Angus Stewart has filmed some helicopter sequences for me, and music for the film will be provided by TVO aka The Village Orchestra, with whom I've been collaborating for over a decade. 
It's a fascinating subject matter and I think it'll make an interesting film. 
More news as I progress through the edit.


My City

In November last year I was asked by Rachael MacIntyre to direct Jabuti Theatre's first full touring production in Gaelic and Argentinean Spanish.  

The concept for the show was simple:

Soledad has been the guardian of the only tree left in a world
full of rubbish for as long as she can remember.
Her lonely life of order and rituals is one day disrupted
by the arrival of chaotic Eibhleann; a travelling collector
of stories who has long forgotten her own roots.
Soledad would like to ask her to leave,
but Eibhleann doesn’t seem to be able to
understand anything she says…


Following an inspirational week's work earlier in 2013 with Mexican director Miguel Ángel Gutiérrez, Rachael had a story board that she wanted to use as the base of development for the show.
We used the story board to expand the ideas out on to paper during a development work, and then, fleshed them out further in to life on stage in our rehearsals in March.

My City is without doubt the most ambitious project I've tried to achieve.  Its scope is epic.  It is, essentially, multilingual & visual science fiction theatre for 5-8 year olds.  It toured from March to late April all throughout Scotland

I can not thank the production team, cast and crew enough for their efforts in pulling the show together.  Kim Bergsagel's puppets were realised with skill and beauty, and Alice Wilson's design was iconic.  Ewan MacIntyre's live music gave so much to the show, and Rachel MacIntyre and Flo Garcia Chaufen's performance on stage charmed those who saw it. 

This gallery of photos by Daniel Lacasta will give you a flavour of the scope and scale of the imagination of the show.  Click on the photo below to enter the My City Gallery.

My City is intended to tour again in 2015.


Ulva Ferry Local Development

In November 2013 I left Mull and Iona Community Trust to pursue further artistic opportunities.  My time working with MICT and the Ulva Ferry community was memorable. 

Working closely with Cally Fleming (who remains in the position along with Dr Sam Jones, my replacement after Colin Morrison) and Moray Finch was a great pleasure.  I learnt a lot working with them and the community. 

I'm happy to say that my time spent in position was fruitful, too, securing as we did Scottish Land Fund monies monies through Highlands and Islands Enterprise for the purchase of land to build affordable housing in the area.  Within two and a half years of operation the Local Development Office and MICT will have seen over £900K invested in the area.
This will include two new houses, a water front renewal scheme and attendant jobs. 
It's vital work, offering a sustainable future to the people of the Ulva Ferry area, in the face of considerable barriers to success.

I wish Cally, Moray,  Sam and Helen, the housing officer, and my friends in the community continued success in their work.

For more information on the work of the Ulva Ferry Local Development Office  catch updates on twitter at @UFLDO.


Understanding Cinema

The principal focus of my work for the next few months will be Understanding Cinema '13 - '14 project for the Centre for the Moving Image, Edinburgh. 
Following the lead of the Cinémathèque Française's Cinéma: Cent Ans De Jeunesse projet the topic for analysis this year is The Long Take.

I'm working as the co-ordinator for the project, whilst also delivering one of the groups here on Mull.  We have groups all throughout Scotland delivering the project, in both Gaelic and English.  One of the final films will travel with us over to France for a showing at the Cinémathèque while the others will be shown at a special event as part of the Edinburgh International Film Festival.

It's a very exciting project to be involved with.  I'll post more updates about it as it progresses.

We are currently looking for tutors to work on the project, so if you or any one you know may be interested, please feel free to click on this link for more information.

Working on the Understanding Cinema project means that I will be leaving my work with the Ulva Ferry Local Development Office. 
My time there has been deeply inspiring, I've seen some extraordinary projects come to life and learnt a lot from the skill an professionalism of those around me, especially Vanessa MacLean, Moray Finch and Cally Fleming.  I will miss our time together.


Dark Wood

On November 1st & 2nd this year Dark Wood will be running once again in the woods at Calgary's Art in Nature. 

Andi Stevens, of Tidal Dance and Mull Youth Theatre,  and I have been working with groups over the last wee while in pulling this piece together. 

The majority of the performers will come from Mull Youth Theatre, who are an exceptionally talented and focused bunch.  It's been brilliant working with them.  I'm really looking forward to seeing how it all pans out.

Vision Mechanics will be lighting the woods up, like last year, and I think it will be a very special event. 


Cloud Man in Japan

In July this year Cloud Man was invited to the Kijimuna Festival in Okinawa, Japan.  Ailie was performing and I was teching. Needless to say, we had a brilliant time.  We saw so many pieces of quality theatre from around the world and were very well looked after.   

We met lots of like minded individuals in our time there.  One particular highlight was thanks to our brilliant translator, Maho, who was also a blisteringly good fiddle player.  Maho invited us to a session in a pub, where we ended up swapping folk tunes with local Okinawans, a strong Irish contingent and a gentleman from Campbeltown
This session lead to an invite to another session later in the week, which lead to some fine tunes, then snorkelling in the South China Seas, where we found Nemo and his family, an encounter with a fruit bat at 4 in the morning, and the most exquisite case of sunburn I've ever had.  It was a blast.


Film Making Group

From June to September I had the pleasure of working with a local group made up of the former clients of Salen Resource Centre, making films based around The Understanding Cinema '12-13  topic, Metre en Scene. 

We looked at films, talked about how the mis en scene worked, drew ground plans, made short essay films ourselves, leading up to a series of westerns exploring the same situation in two different locations. 

The culmination of the project was a short heist movie, set in the gallery space at An Tobar, in which a couple of very swanky hats were ran away with.  The cast also edited this final movie together.

The Film Making Group was funded by Argyll & Bute's Community Education team, and we met at An Tobar, and were kindly loaned Mull Film Club's equipment to show the work up on the big screen. 


Cloud Man

Cloudia and Cloud Man continue to tour, I'm delighted to say.  Two and a half years into it's life and it can be seen in some very exciting locations.

As I type Ailie is performing in Chicago as part of the Chicago Humanities Festival.

Over the next few months you can catch the show in Japan at Okinawa, in England at Loughborogh & Nottingham and in Gallway, Ireland. 
For more information on the tour, click here.

If you saw the show and you liked the music you can purchase Nik and Niroshni's amazing soundtrack here, if you so wished.


An Cùrsa Adhartais

I've now completed three years of distance study with Sabhal Mor Ostaig, and have come to the end of the exceptional An Cùrsa Adhartais.

If ever you fancy learning Gaelic and have the time to give to it, I can't recommend the introductory course,  An Cùrsa Inntrigidh and the progression course, An Cùrsa Adhartais, strongly enough. 

The methodology of learning the language is brilliant, and highly adaptable to your own needs.  It's a brilliant challenge and one I've relished.  So be expecting updates in Gaelic on this site in the relatively near future.  (Once I've set the macros up for the accents in Front Page.)


Too Many Cooks

I'm chuffed to bits to have been asked to work with Nik Paget-Tomlinson providing direction for his new show, Too Many Cooks, which he's delivering as part of his Star Catchers residency.  Nik is joined on stage by the highly talented Hazel Darwin Edwards, with whom I can't wait to work. 

Nik and I met whilst working on Cloud Man back in 2010, so I'm rather looking forward to working with him again.

Set in a kitchen with a live and looped soundtrack of music from kitchen objects, it's got the potential to be a wonderfully silly feast for the eyes and ears.

More news and videos as it develops in June.


Gaelic On Mull

The Gaelic on Mull Project pilot is up and running with Ulva Ferry Primary.

So far we've had workshops on drama, basket making, and film making, all with a Gaelic language and culture focus, married with the school's crofting topic.

Coming soon are workshops on Gaelic placenames, an arts based workshop and a Waulking and Spinning workshop.

There will be two upcoming Ùlpan taster workshops in the near future, for the older members of the community.

It's been a blast to run this project with Heather Waller and the children of Ulva Primary.  There's so much to do on it that the mighty Fiona Blakey has come on board to help run it too.  I'm delighted with the way it's working.


Understanding Cinema

The Centre For the Moving Image's Understanding Cinema Project, which I've been delivering with schools in Edinburgh and Dundee is rapidly drawing to its conclusion.  There will be a presentation of the films at the Film House in Edinburgh as part of the Edinburgh International Film Festival on the 20th of June.  The films are looking particularly interesting and range from comedy to horror.

We'll be taking one of the films to Paris, to the Cinémathèque Française as part of the Cinema, Cent Ans De Jeunesse programme in June. 
I'm really looking forward to this, as the group will get to see their work on the big screen, along with offerings from other groups from all over the world.  It should be a very special event.


Ulva Ferry Local Development

I've been working extensively with Cally Fleming and the Ulva Ferry Community over the last year, looking to develop business, housing and social  opportunities on the West coast of Mull.  The project has a few months to run yet, and we're making interesting progress.

One of the particular highlights of the job is working with other LDO's from around the country at sharing events, such as in Doune, Knoydart in March.  Doune is a very inspirational place, and if you ever get a chance to visit it, I can't recommend it strongly enough.

The Ulva Ferry Community took part in a consultation which has lead to the development of a Community Plan, which Cally and I published in April.
If you'd like a copy of the community plan, please feel free to download it here.

Working with the community of Ulva Ferry is a very inspirational experience.  The breadth of knowledge and expertise of people in the area is awesome.  When my time working with them comes to an end, I think the legacy it will leave on my creative work will be significant.


Faerie Stories

In February of this year I worked with Roundstring Theatre on Faerie Stories, which went out on the road in the Spring, taking in venues in Kirkcaldy, Edinburgh, Bunessan, Ullapool, Banchory, Stonehaven, Dundee and Paisley.

Mixing puppetry, tréteau, music, elements of Gaelic and English, Faerie Stories will be charming its way around the country again, soon.


Cloud Man

Cloud Man continues to tour, and recently got back from the ŻiguŻajg Arts Festival for Children and Young People in Malta.

If you're in London over the festive season you can catch up with Cloudia and Cloudman at the South Bank as part of their Winter Festival.  The show runs from the 22nd of December to the 6th of January.


Gaelic On Mull

The report in to the Gaelic on Mull Project which Heather Waller of Ulva Ferry School and I have been developing over the last few years is now complete. We are looking to deliver the pilot of the project at Ulva Ferry School from January to July '13.

The report can be found here.


Understanding Cinema

I've been working with the Centre for the Moving Image in Edinburgh, La Cinémathèque Française and the BFI in the delivery of the pilot of an exciting program of workshops called Understanding Cinema, inspired by the wonderful Cinéma, Cent Ans de Jeunesse project.

Taking the theme of "Mettre en Scene" or Placement and Shooting, the project invites groups to explore the language of film making through very precise means, and highly specific exercises.  As the years of the project progress the participants build a detailed vocabulary of film making.

I've been working with a group in Scotland on the delivery of this project, delivering training days, and meeting with participants on Glow as they work their way through the exercises.

It's a very exciting project, and one I'm delighted to be a part of.


Videos of Recent Work

Here's a link to some recent work:

The Lorimer Delusion - Rehearsal Footage



Dark Forest - Rehearsal Footage


Dark Forest was part of the Giants In The Forest project, created by Vision Mechanics and performed at Calgary Art in Nature.  The Dark Forest event was directed by Simon MacIntyre.


The Lorimer Delusion- Surge Cabaret

Who is Sam Lorimer? 
What did he do? 
And why do they want him dead?

A devised Tréteau theatre piece inspired by the adventure thrillers of Alfred Hitchcok, The Lorimer Delusion, can be seen as part of the Surge Cabaret at The Arches from Friday 27th - Sun 29th July.

Starring performer / devisors Camille Marmié, Emma Prior, Gilchrist Muir, Lewis Sherlock and Miriam Sarah Doren, The Lorimer Delusion was devised and directed by myself. 

Experience over 30 different locations in 8 minutes 41 seconds.

Check back in to see a video of The Lorimer Delusion after the cabaret has been and gone.

Do come and see us at the cabaret, as it will be quite spectacular, especially as the host is the one and only Marquis De Sade. 
I wonder if he'll have the True Prince Of Wales along with him lurking somewhere in a cupboard?

More info on the Surge festival and Conflux can be found here.

Fairy Play

Over the coming months I'm going to be working with Ewan MacIntyre and Reem Behzad as we devise a puppet play based around myths and tales of the Scots Fairy Folk. 

Highly visual, the play will be performed in Gaelic and English with the occasional word of Arabic for good measure.

More details as the project grows.


Youth Music Theatre

In August I'll be directing Youth Music Theatre's Edinburgh Summer Skills project at Fettes College.

I'll be working with Ross Brown - MD & Composer, Chris Kidd - Choreographer and a cast of 41 young people as we devise a musical in a week around the concept of "farce".

Needless to say I'm enjoying researching the project by filling my eyes with Fawlty Towers.

More details can be found here.

Giants In The Forest

I've been working with our local arts centre in the North of Mull, An Tobar, in the delivery of the Giants In The Forest project.

Created by Vision Mechanics, the project places three giant willow heads in forests throughout the UK and then invites community projects to take ownership of them, working through various arts disciplines.

Here, on Mull, I've been working with our heads at the Calgary Woodland Art in Nature through several projects.

I've made a film with Salen Resource centre, which will be uploaded to vimeo soon, and ran Gaelic and English Drama workshops.

We also created a playwriting competition, which was won by local writer Catriona MacLeod.  The finished piece will be performed as a rehearsed reading by a cast of young local actors  from Mull Youth Theatre in the Calgary Woods on the evening of Saturday 18th August.

Links to the Giants in the Forest project can be found here and here

Cloud Man

Cloud Man continues to tour here there and everywhere.

Over the last few months he's been spotted at Imaginate in Edinburgh and in festivals in Brighton, Bath and throughout Ireland.

He'll be floating in to the Edinburgh Fringe from the 1st - 14th of August at the Scottish Story Telling Centre.  A link to the Fringe site can be found here.

After that he's off to London to join the National Theatre for Inside Out.  A link to the National's site can be found here.

There's a few more jaunts here and there in the Autumn, about which more later, and then you can catch Cloud Man over the festive season at the Southbank Centre, London from the 22nd of December -  6th January.  A link to which can be found here.

Cloud Man also has his own website with all sorts of info and activities on:

Community Development

Since the start of April I've been working with Cally Fleming of the Hebridean Whale and Dolphin Trust in a job share post as Local Development Officer for the Ulva Ferry area of Mull. 

Over the coming months we will be drawing up a Community Plan, following consultations with the community in the Ulva Ferry area.  This plan will then be used to source funding to improve the residents' amenities and facilities. 

If you want to follow our adventures please feel free to add us on twitter @UFLDO.

Gaelic Film Project

Mar A Tha Daoine Eile Gar Faicinn

Phase 1 of CAST's Gaelic Film Project 2012 is now complete, and the videos are up on the web for all to see.

Please click here to see them.

We hope to deliver phase two in the coming months.  More news as the project develops.

December 2011

Conflux: Master Class in Tréteau 

30th Jan - 3rd Feb

Dancebase- Edinburgh

Tréteau is a dynamic form of theatre that places a group of actors on a 2 metre by 1 metre stage and asks them to tell the biggest story they possibly can, without ever leaving that stage.

How, using such a tiny space, can you tell the grandest tales: The life and death of Joan of Arc; the sinking of the Kursk; Cyrano de Bergerac’s trip to the moon; or the entirety of HBO’s The Sopranos?

The discipline that tréteau imposes on you is economy. Economy of space, economy of movement and economy of narrative. Economy with high return.

With up to 7 people on one tréteau we will explore the nature of space and imagination at play.

As a case study, the work of the masterclass will reference Bohumil Hrabal’s Too Loud A Solitude, in which a lone paper recycler muses on his life, solitude and the nature of language, learning and meaning. The work will be physical, and based around exploration and devising in a workshop situation.

At the end of this class participants will be better prepared to devise and present their own epic-scale work for intimate-scale settings…


CAST - Gaelic Film Project

January - March 2012

I'll be delivering film making workshops inspired by the work of Mitchell & Kenyon to Gaelic Medium Unit schools in Argyll & Bute throughout the start of 2012.  The films will be silent, one shot movies capturing an element of everyday life from each of the school's town life.

I will be working with BBC Young Musician finalist Rona Wilkie on the project.  Rona will work with the participants to create a unique  score for each film. 


CAST - Non Violent Communication

Secondary School Workshops

I'm delighted to be continuing on with the conception and delivery of more NVC workshops through out the secondary schools of Argyll and Bute. 


Mull Schools Gaelic Project

An exciting project running throughout 2012.  More information and external websites to follow soon.


Playwriting Workshops @ An Tobar

The playwrighting workshops are continuing on apace, and we're heading towards working on our final pieces. 

A sharing of our work will be held in February.

September 2011

Playwriting Workshops @ An Tobar

Starting on October the 6th I will be running a series of 10 Playwriting workshops, in Tobermory at Ana Tobar, here on the island of Mull.

The workshops will be offered through Argyll & Bute's Community Education Office.

The workshops will look at how plays work, what makes something theatrical, how to craft and structure story and the balancing process of visual and linguistic interests in a play.

We'll work through classic exercises, improvisation, textual analysis and a hearty dose of watching examples from the world of theatre and film.

There will be a web page on this site to accompany the sessions, where participants can refer back to the materials used in class.

Gaelic on Mull Schools Project

Throughout this coming year I'm going to be working with schools on the islands of Mull & Iona to see what Gaelic language and culture means to the young people here and now. 

We're going to be working through the curriculum for excellence to investigate the past, present and future of Gaelic in our communities.

I'll post more information about the project as it develops, but if you're interested in what it may look like, please feel free to have a gander at this project outline:  Project Outline (pdf) 



June 2011

Made in Scotland Showcase - Edinburgh Fringe - August 2011

I'm delighted to announce that Cloud Man has received a place in Creative Scotland's Made In Scotland Festival, showcasing the best in Scottish theatre at the Edinburgh Fringe in August this year. 

We're delighted to be a part of the festival and in such distinguished company as Fish & Game, David Hughes Dance, Grid Iron and 13 other companies, hand picked to be part of this exciting initiative, now in it's third year.

For more info on Made in Scotland please click here.

For Cloud Man's page on the Made in Scotland site, click here.


Introduction to Gaelic 
Drama Workshops

Throughout June I'll be dotting around the Isle of Mull delivering Gaelic language workshops to primary schools through the medium of drama.

The workshops are offered through Fèis Muille / Fèisean nan Gàidheal.


Preparation for the Neutral Mask Workshop

On June the 8th I'll be delivering a workshop on preparing the body to work with the Neutral Mask for The Actor's Kitchen in Edinburgh.  If you'd like more info on the Actor's Kitchen please feel free to visit their site here.


April 2011

Amid The Blaze Of Noon


The Village Orchestra

I'm pleased to tell you that an album on which I collaborated as a guitarist has just been released through Highpoint Lowlife.

The Village Orchestra and I are long time collaborators on various projects, theatrical and otherwise, including the sound experiment Accrual...

For more info on the album please click below:

Amid The Blaze of Noon

For more info on The Village Orchestra please click below:

The Village Orchestra


February 2011

Cloud Man's adventures carry on!

Cloud Man could be coming to a theatre near you!  The show is part of the excellent Puppet Animation Festival touring across Scotland from March!

The tour dates are:

27/3 Edinburgh - Pleasance Theatre







7/4 Rutherglen - Town hall
8/4 Dunfermline - Carnegie Hall
10/4 Stracathro - Village Hall
12/4 Mull - Druimfin, Tobermory
14/4 Macrobert - Stirling
22/4 Edinburgh - Scottish Storytelling Centre
25/4 New Galloway - Catstrand
December 2010

Cloud Man has successfully completed its first tour, taking in Glasgow's Mask & Puppet Centre, a couple of schools in the Clyde valley and an Imaginate event in Livingstone.  But have no fear, Cloudia and her little friend will be back out on the road in the Spring of 2011 as part of the Puppet Animation Festival, touring all over Scotland and then heading off on its own here and there.

I recently attended a Federation of Scottish Theatre event about artists working through the curriculum for excellence within Scottish schools and was very inspired by the hope that there is within the artist and school communities.

In the new year I will be delivering workshops for Argyll & Bute's CAST team in schools right around the county, looking at empathy and non-prejudicial means of communication.  It looks to be a wonderful project, and I'm very pleased to be working with drama therapist Rachael Rodgers and a team of highly skilled visual and dance artists in the delivery and creation of the workshops.

Planning has started for a large scale community project here in the North West corner of Mull, taking place in a local sculptural trail, which should hopefully reach fruition late in the summer of 2011.  Do feel free to drop back in and check out how it develops...

My work with Mull Film Club takes us out on the road in January with our annual tour, taking films to Creich in the Ross of Mull and Dervaig here, off of the Quinish Peninsula.  First though is the matter of Xmas and It's A Wonderful Life, which we're showing at An Tobar, Tobermory on the 23rd of December.

Regards of the season to you, where 'ere you be. 


October 2010

I'm delighted to have been invited to direct Ailie Cohen's new play Cloud Man which will make it's premier at the Scottish Mask and Puppet Centre in Glasgow on the 23rd of October.

Cloud Man lives in the clouds. It is a very quiet life and a bit lonely sometimes. Cloudia is a cloud expert. Her life is quiet and a bit lonely sometimes too. One day they meet and an ordinary day becomes more colourful and chaotic than either thought possible. Adventure is just one little step away!

For more information please feel free to visit Ailie's site here.

Or the Scottish Mask & Puppet Centre's site here.


September 2010

Amazon Book Shop 

I’ve launched an amazon A-Store.  It’s called Theatre Books For The Curious and can be found here:    Bookshop  on my site, or alternatively here on Amazon’s A Stores:

The store features lots of books on and about theatre with my comments on them to help you select what you’re after.  It breaks down in to several sections, from Plays to Directors, Theory Books and many more beyond.

The shop is an ongoing project, so it will change quite a lot over the coming months, so do drop by to see what's changed now and again if you like.

Northern Scottish Touring Fund

Thursday my new project, based on GK Chesterton’s The Man Who Was Thursday, has been short listed for the new Northern Scottish Touring Fund. 

A touring theatre piece, with an accompanying education programme, Thursday, will be a very entertaining and exciting piece.   More details to follow soon!

For more information have a look at the NSTF site on:


August 2010

August sees me working as Movement Director with Youth Music Theatre in Edinburgh for their Summer Studio, devising a musical in a week with over 42 young people on stage.

The project, entitled Terminal, is directed by Eddie Latter with original music by Jodie Oliver.


June 2010

Ulva Ferry Primary school, here on the Isle of Mull, invited me to come and join them for an afternoon to help out with their “Victorians” project.  This involves me shaving my beard off in to a very fetching pair of lamb chops, sporting braces and a tause. 


Neutral Mask Workshops

I'm running Neutral Mask workshops in Glasgow from Monday 29th March until Friday the 2nd of April.

The Neutral Mask is one of the most dynamic actor training tools, providing the corner stone of the Lecoq approach to making theatre.

The workshops will be practical in nature, building on the participants physicality, and based around their own stamina.

The workshops will be of use to actors, writers, directors, dancers & designers, people keen to learn more about physical theatre and anyone who wants to revitalise their creativity or top up their skills.

The masks we'll be using were created by Max Dana, please visit him on

If you'd like any further information please feel free to drop me a line.



CINDERELLAClick here for press release


Community tour dates


25 Geoff Shaw Community Centre, Toryglen
26 Bellcraig Community Centre
27 Pollok Community Centre
28 Barmulloch Community Centre


1 Drumchapel Community Centre
2 Penilee Community Centre
3 Knightswood Community Centre
4 Castlemilk Community Centre
8-19 Platform, Easterhouse

Neutral Mask Workshops

I'm intending to run some neutral mask workshops in Glasgow in April / May 2010.  If you'd like any further information please feel free to drop me a line.

November 2009

November sees me directing Johnny McKnight's Cinderella at Platform and on tour around various community centres in Glasgow.  Dates and details to come soon.

Argyll Workshops

I'm currently out on tour delivering workshops for Argyll & Bute in primary schools around the county, taking in the sights of our fine land, whilst listening to the finest progressive rock known to man.

Casting For Panto

As well as being on tour with Mull Theatre I’m currently doing a spot of casting for a panto that I’ll be directing at Platform, Easterhouse later in the year.

The panto in question is Johnny McKnight’s version of Cinderella, the contract is equity minimum / ITC and the project will run from the start of November until the 19th of December.  It will be a touring production, rehearsed at Platform, touring to various community centres and spaces in Glasgow and the surrounds, then returning to Platform for a two week run leading up to the 19th of December.

I’m looking for:

  • 2 Ugly Sisters

  • An Evil Stepmother

  • A Buttons

If you would think you would be appropriate for any of the above roles please feel free to forward your CV on to me at

Many thanks


Island Nights Entertainments
Mull Theatre Tour Summer 2009

I'm now on tour with Mull Theatre's summer tour Island Nights Entertainments.


See photo gallery

Transform Moray
June 2009

I'm currently working as assistant director, focusing on movement and story telling on the National Theatre's Transform Moray project. 

It's a dark cabaret of fanciful urban legends, told in a comic style by some of the most talented teenage performers I've ever met.

Click here for Transform Moray website

The director is Graham McLaren, of Theatre Babel, Alan Penman is creating the original songs and music ( with the students and Jen Edgar is also working as assistant director.  

Tickets are free, but have to be booked in advance.


Hong Kong Microfest
April 2009

One Man Rant

receives 5 star review in Time Out Hong Kong click here for review