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Theatre Books For The Curious is an Amazon A-Store for those interested in the craft of making theatre,

whether you are professional theatre maker, a student, a member of a community theatre group,

interested in directing, acting or playwrighting,  there's bound to be a book or two here to tempt you. 

As the shop is an ongoing and evolving concern, it is updated regularly with the latest publications,

so do check back in any time to see what's new.


The shop breaks down in to several sections including: 

Directors; Actors; Playwrighting; Theatre Theory; Physical Theatre and Plays.

The Plays section then breaks down further in to Scottish Plays; UK Plays; European Plays; USA Plays; World Plays.


If you have any problems navigating the shop, please feel free to contact me on:

If you have any problems with the fulfilment of orders, please contact Amazon.


Theatre Books For the Curious is an Amazon Affiliates site and does not deal directly with orders.