Alasdair Satchel

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Argyll & Bute Primary Schools Workshop Quotes & Feedback

Excellent; Super.
All pupils engaged throughout.
Amazing to see.
Not easy to achieve with wide
range of stages and abilities.
An excellent session. Children enjoyed every minute, as did I.

Children thoroughly enjoyed the experience.

It showed me new ways of linking a project like space to the arts.

[The pupils were] totally engaged.

Alasdair was a super, enthusiastic instructor.
Children thought he was great especially the boys.

Were there any unexpected outcomes as a result of pupils participation?
Yes - Pupils with behavioural difficulties were fully engaged.

Having been on one of Alasdair's courses, it was a useful refresher of things we had done.

Alasdair was able to relate to the children in a positive, relaxed manner.
They thoroughly enjoyed the challenges he presented in the workshop and worked enthusiastically for him.
In a rural community, it is usually a valuable experience to work with an unknown professional and provides them with the chance to demonstrate skills which perhaps would otherwise be overlooked

The workshop was great, Alasdair did an excellent job and we would like more!

It was a very enjoyable session, all of the children loved the activity and found Alistair very approachable.
I was expecting a more traditional type of drama session, but found this much more interesting.

The pupils and staff had a wonderful session.

Alasdair had an excellent rapport with the children
The pupils gained much from this project and the credit must go to Alasdair, who was excellent.


Creating Spaces -
Microfest, Hong Kong 2009

Click here for photos from this workshop


Neutral Mask Workshops

The Neutral Mask is one of the most dynamic actor training tools, providing the corner stone of the Lecoq approach to making theatre.

My workshops are practical in nature, building on the participants physicality, and based around their own stamina.

The workshops are of use to actors, writers, directors, dancers & designers, people keen to learn more about physical theatre and anyone who wants to revitalise their creativity or top up their skills.

The masks are created by Max Dana, please visit him on

If you'd like any further information please feel free to drop me a line.

Workshops & Education

I can craft and create projects to the specific educational demands of organisations, whether they be a theatre company, a schools group or a community group.

From January 2007 to January 2009 I was the Education & Participation Officer for Mull Theatre. 
My duties included:

  • The development and delivery of HNC/D course for Argyll College

  • Teaching Drama units on HNC/D in Stage Dance at Ballet West

  • Running weekly sessions with learning disabled clients

  • Creating & running youth groups

  • Circus skills workshops

  • Playwriting workshops

  • CPD workshops for various disciplines

  • Running a film making group

  • Creating workshops from scratch for school and community groups

  • Creating materials & workshops to support Mull Theatre's touring programme.

I have also taught a wide variety of workshops all over the world for many groups, from playgroups to postgraduate students.

I find working with people with special needs to be one of the most rewarding and imaginative avenues of theatrical work.

I specialise in making the theatrical most from limited means.

Particular workshop highlights have include:

Circus Skills for Theatre Modo in Caithness; Live Academy, Newcastle as a recurring visiting tutor on a postgraduate course; Live Lines as a recurring workshop leader; The Feis Movement in Greenock & Neilston; Enable in Helensburgh, working with mask & mime; The Scottish Mask & Puppet Centre, where I was leader in mask & mime; Grey Coast Theatre co & UHI in Ullapool & Kinlochbervie.