American Years Revisited Podcast

The American Navy had a submarine base in the Holy Loch outside of Dunoon from 1961-1992. This 31 year period had a significant impact on the area on many levels. American Years Revisited is an exploration of the human stories of the Navy’s presence in the area.

The podcast features a mixture of contextual historical lectures and chats with people who worked on the ship and lived in the area at the time.

Coming originally from Dunoon and with strong ties still connecting me to the area, I’ve been asked to help pull the podcast recordings together. I sit in on the reminiscence sessions, listen and ask questions, then edit the footage together for sharing. The project leader is Kate Simpson who lives by the shores of the Holy Loch. It’s a real honour to get to work with Kate and the group on this project, I’m finding out all sorts of interesting things, including the story of Dunoon’s very own Black Power riot.

If you’re interested in this period there’s a very active Facebook page around the project, where people from all over the world share photos and memories of this time.

The American Years Revisited Podcast is a reminiscence project from Dunoon Area Alliance funded by the National Lottery Heritage Fund.