Keep Scotland Beautiful

The Climate Action Filmmaking project with Keep Scotland Beautiful took place in the depth of the Covid lockdown and afterwards in support of COP26. 

The aim of the project was to enable the participants, youth workers and teachers, to be able to teach their students about filmmaking with a specific focus on climate change awareness. 

I developed an approach that was structured around films using the rhetoric model.  This methodology lead to the creation of dozens of films that called for climate action now, backing up their arguments in the most convincing of manners. 

The project was delivered over the course of 4 week blocks, using a mixture of video tutorials, podcasts, written resources and a weekly Zoom meet with homework. 

I loved delivering this project.  It was so inspiring to work with such passionate participants.
The first block of the project also featured another tutor, the brilliant Jon Gill, who pursued his own approach with great success.   

The films created as part of this project were screened at the COP26 event in Glasgow.