The Lorimer Delusion – Tréteau Theatre Cabaret Piece

This is an article from the old version of, but one I thought worth sharing again. I’m a champion for the Tréteau form of theatre, which sees a cast of actors sharing a 2x1m stage, telling the largest possible story that they can.
I ran a masterclass for Surge in Tréteau a few years ago, and had an absolute whale of a time. We even got to play around with staging aspects of Bohumil Hrabal’s Too Loud A Solitude.
It’s one of the most playful and inventive forms of theatre I know. More, I say! More!

Who is Sam Lorimer?  What did he do?  And why do they want him dead?

A devised Tréteau theatre piece inspired by the adventure thrillers of Alfred Hitchcok, The Lorimer Delusion, was first seen as part of the Surge Cabaret at The Arches in 2012.

Starring performer / devisors Camille Marmié, Emma Prior, Gilchrist Muir, Lewis Sherlock and Miriam Sarah Doren, The Lorimer Delusion was devised and directed by myself. 

Experience over 30 different locations in 8 minutes 41 seconds.

Surge festival and Conflux