Ulva – Documenting an Island

After generations of being in the hands of private owners, the people of Ulva have now sought self determination by using the Scottish Land Fund to purchase the island for themselves.

This is a very exciting moment in time for the islanders and the community company who facilitated their purchase bid, and run the island with them.

I’ve been taking footage on Ulva for some time now, from the moment they sought the right to buy, through to the ribbon cutting on the day they bought the island, and beyond.

I’ve made a number of short films to support the fundraising cause for the community and am in the process of making a longer documentary about their journey. This film will feature music by Hannah Fisher and Sorren Maclean, based on verbatim texts taken from interviews with the residents of Ulva and those who support them.

It’s a project I’m very excited to develop, as it’s something quite different and challenging.

There’s a lot more to tell on this story.