Watching / Making – Online Filmmaking Sessions

Over the course of your life you’re likely to have watched thousands and thousands of hours of Film and TV. You’re totally native in the language of film.
Now is the time to apply that knowledge into making your own films.

Lockdown culture has changed how we engage with so much of our creative and cultural lives. In light of this I thought I’d offer some filmmaking sessions online through google classroom.

The Watching / Making approach is simple. By watching films we’ll be inspired to make our own.

Starting at the dawn of cinema we’ll step our way through cinema history and develop our own filmmaking craft as we travel.

Through online group sessions I’ll find out what your interests in film are and build the sessions around you.

If you’ve always wanted to have a shot at filmmaking, these sessions are for you. If you’re looking for a way to develop your communication skills, for business, educational or personal reasons, Watching / Making is for you.

The sessions will take place in a Google Hangout inside Google Classroom and will each be accompanied by a video tutorial like this one below from a previous project.

The Google classroom space allows us to share work and ideas in a secure online environment.

If you’re interested in joining us for Watching / Making could you please fill in the survey on this link. Thank you!

Watching / Making can also be found on Twitter and Facebook and reached by email here.

Watching / Making sessions will be reasonably priced and timed to fit in with our busy schedules.

Thank you for dropping by!