Creel of Stories – Cliabh an t-Seanachais

Creel of Stories – Cliabh an t-Seanachais tells the story of fishing in the Ross of Mull and Iona.  It features interviews with local people on the past art of Salmon netting, current creel fishing practices and the future of the industry in our communities.

Creel was commissioned by South West Mull and Iona Development with funding from Visit Scotland as part of their 2022 Year of Stories initiative. 

The film features original music by Hannah Fisher and Sorren Maclean.
I love getting to work with such talented and responsive musicians as Hannah and Sorren. We’ve made several films together now and it’s always a delight to hear what they bring to the projects. I cherish every moment that I get to work with their music.

The film also features drone footage by Gordon Bruce of Iona, whose work I recommend most heartily if you’re ever looking for a drone filmmaker.

It was such an honour to make this film.  It’s part of the What We Do in the Winter project, which tells the stories of our people on the islands.  With such a heavy influx of tourists, who are a vital part of our economy, there is a danger that the stories that are told of our islands will mostly be told from a visitors perspective and not that of the people of the islands themselves.  This film and WWDitW is an attempt to redress the balance of stories.   Most of the interviews from the film can be found in full as podcasts on What We Do in the Winter.

A special mention and heartfelt thanks to Celia Compton of SWMID who produced this film.